Fabrication Lab

Inland Artificial Limb & Brace offers custom orthotic and prosthetic designs from our on-site fabrication lab. Every individual has unique qualities and in return need a custom solution.

Our ABC Certified Practitioners work closely with the well trained lab technicians on staff to strive to provide a quality service to fit your Individual needs for maximum comfort and reliability.


To better ensure the health and well being of our patients, Inland Artificial Limb & Brace has modern offices with advanced equipment and technology to better accommodate all our patients needs.

The Conveniently located in-house lab is well stocked with equipment such as:

-Infrared ovens
-Bur-King Sanders
-Compressed Air Vacuum Systems
-And Much More...

Whether you require a new prosthetic or orthotic device or coming to us for repairs or modifications you can always rest assured that we will provide you with premier quality orthotic and prosthetic services.

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