Mastectomy Services

At Inland Artificial Limb & Brace we have made a commitment to make life beautiful again. Through our post mastectomy products for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery we offer choices, choices that open up new opportunities providing the confidence necessary to pursue life with enthusiasm and optimism.

For more then ten years the Certified Mastectomy Fitters at Inland Artificial Limb & Brace have been helping women enjoy fuller lives after breast surgery. We carry a wide range of Amoena mastectomy products including breast prosthesis or forms in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes as well as a wide selection of mastectomy bras and accessories.

We are delighted to offer the latest and most innovative breast forms including all Amoena comfort products. We also carry Amoena's producta of post-mastectomy brassieres that compliment the breast forms.

Our Mastectomy Fitters offer private consultations with personal attention and sensitive service. We have Certified Fitters who are available from 8:30am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. We are contracted with MediCare, Medi-Cal and most HMO&PPO insurance companies.


"Inland Artificial was there for me when I needed help!"


-John Smith

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