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Priscilla Contreras Story


My Journey:

            Priscilla ContrerasMy Name is Priscilla, I became a bilateral below knee amputee at the age of 17, due to a very tragic auto accident where I hit a guardrail on the freeway. I was still high school and hadn’t graduated yet. At that age, I had no idea what I was really facing in life, but I was motivated to get up and move. I remember my first set of sockets I ever received, the doctor at that time recommended I start with stubbies first so I could get used to the fit and not be so far off the ground, but I refused to wear them because I was so insecure of how I looked. I was young and worried about my appearance. I told my doctor I wouldn’t wear them until I had pylons and feet!! The Doctor he would get them for me, but I had to promise to use them. When I received them, boy did I put those to use lol. I had turned 18 and as I was ready to have fun….. fast forward some years and many prosthetists who were so pushy and often recommended the most expensive and heaviest feet and legs on the market as well as uncomfortable fitting sockets I finally found Inland Artificial Limb and Brace and have never gone anywhere else since. They are always concerned about my fit and comfort in my prosthesis. They always make sure I am in the most comfortable fit possible, and if I’m not they will make adjustments asap to do so. They have been a true blessing to me and are always welcoming and helpful when I need them. I now have 2 children, a full-time mom, and I am a bikini competitor and work out 6 days a week. A lot of what I do physically as well as my competitive hobbies would not have been possible without Inland Artificial Limb and brace.


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